Thursday, March 29, 2012

I hate body hair,and I'm not on the lasik hair removal bandwagon so I am a fan of waxing.I'm a frugal stylista, who hates when I have to pay someone over 100 dollars to wax my legs,arms,e.t.c,and i am always looking for ways to do things myself and receive the same results as from professionals.This product comes very close!I purchased Veet hair removal strips cold turkey without reading any reviews after passing them in Target too many times.I bought the face strips and the legs and body strips.My review on the face strips aren't as great as the legs and body,but I will  include pictures of the contents in the package and the pros and cons of each to make it more clear and precise below.I hope this helps someone,and don't forget to comment and let me know any other hair removal products that you use,or if you have or currently use this one.Thank you so much for stopping by and stay fabulous!

Leg and Body wax strip,face strip,Finishing wipes for removing residue
Legs and Body Pros 
1Great instructions(I didn't have to youtube to figure them out)
2.Generous size wax strips, they look similar to the muslin sheets at the salon
3.Sensitive skin version
4.They remove allot of hair when used correctly(I learned through trial and error)
5.Not too painful,but I have a high tolerance for waxing 
6.Good amount of wax on strips 
7.Great amount in box mine included 40 full size strips and 6 wipes
8.The wipes really come in handy and go a long way I usually need one per removal session,but baby oil works as well.
9.The smell is tolerable(very rare) in my opinion
10.My self tanner worked great right after use of this
11.Experienced no irritation
12.Great for arms!.
1.They can easily get messy if you accidently touch the wax(which will happen)when waxing legs it gets greasy, and a little frustrating which does get better after second use.
2.I wouldn't recommend for someone with allot of hair on legs you would need too many strips and it would get really messy and sticky. 
3.If you don't get a good rhythm going as far as removing too slow it will make it hard to go back and fox because it gets sticky
My rating on this is 8/10
Face Pros
1.No irritation whatsoever
2.Nice sized strips for precision
3.Great for bikini line touch ups
4.Made with essential oils
Face Cons
1.Too much product for face removal
2.Difficult to remove facial hair may be because I'm left handed
3.Didn't remove facial hair in some places after waxing
My rating on this is 6/10 because I don't like much for face,but it can be improvised for other small hair removal areas.

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