Saturday, April 28, 2012

Style Icons:If I could walk in her heels PT.2

Style is primarily a matter of extinct
-Bill Blass
I admire so many fashionistas of the stylish set that completing this list wasn't a easy task!I have finally narrowed them down,and I hope you enjoy them!So without further adieu I am excited about sharing the remainders of my fashion icons pt.2.These are the people that have made me fall in love with style and fashion,and continue to inspire me ! I hope you enjoy this post,and don't forget to comment on what you think or let me know inspires you style wise!Thank you so much for stopping by!

This Style Icon should have been in my part one!I am a Sarah Jessica Parker Fan,but I so love Carrie Bradshaw!Carrie Bradshaw is what I think of when STYLE  comes to mind and she always will!
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I'm such a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez style!She has such great versatility,and she is able to pull of different looks,and maintain her same fabulous aesthetic!
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I Love that Kerry Washington always maintains a ladylike sexy aura!She is one who has learned what works   for her,and is consistently always gets it right!
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Penelope Cruz is a little last visible these days with her new family life,but her style has left such a lasting impression on me that I had to include her!She is also one who knows what works and her candid looks are always so effortless!
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Not only is she one of the most beautiful woman in the world,but she is also one of the most stylish!I have yet to see Halle Berry get it wrong,So gorgeous!
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Last,but defiantly not least I have to add Gwen Stefani!I love her confidence,versatility and style! I also like her aura,she always owns her looks!
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Brooklyn Grace said...

I LOVE THOSE OUTFITS but i prefer H.Berry dress so claSSY

Our Beauty Philosophy said...

You love some of the top glamourous fashion icons in the media! Lovely picks! Loving J Lo's glitter skirt!

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Ria :) said...

love every outfit, so inspiring, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work because ill be visiting again very soon hehe :)

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Dana said...

Love you list of style icons! Great picks!

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