Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Personal Style Icons:If I could walk in her heels PT.1

I am a huge fan of fashion,but I am obsessed with great style!Style is creativity and individuality that I myself an obsessed with!In my opinion style is a package of personality,confidence,and self identity.My love of fashion blogs came from the fact that I always admired personal style,rather than "styled" celebrities.Even if one has a stylist I think they can be a style icon,I just feel it's all in the way they wear it!I get most of my inspiration from style blogs and style icons of past and present that carried a aura of confidence,originality,and self expression.Designer goods are gorgeous and fabulous,but it seems that many people have replaced style with labels,and that's all fine and good,but I'd like to share with you my Style Inspirations.Most of these stylish set have inspired me through there confidence and aura.Style to me is the complete package of confidence,grace,and individuality.I really hope you guys enjoy this post,and don't forget to comment on what you think or share some of your own style icons.Thanks so much for stopping by!
I must start with the fabulous Bianca Jagger,all hail Studio 54 style queen.Her confidence,beauty,and style came  second to none!
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Sheikha Mozah is the wife of Emir of Qatar and I discovered her style one day watching the news, and a few googles later she was on my inspiration board.This lady has the most grace,class , presence and style that it's crazy!I'm such a huge fan!
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Before Michelle Obama after Jackie O I never noticed or recognized such a fabulous first lady,with such style and personality!
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No one pulls off effortless sexy like Kate Moss!
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I became a fan of Miss Tracee Ellis Ross on the fabulous show Girlfriends, and her style only gets better and better!
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Stay tuned for part 2!


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J'adore Kate! Love these inspiration photos :)

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Tracee always looks great!

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I know,and I love that she doesn't have a stylist!

Marsha C said...

These women definitely are style icons. Love Michelle Obama x

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